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The Work of CloudKBD

CloudKBD | Lain L. | they/them | Digital Artist and Traditional Painter |

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Traditional Artwork

One of my main goals is to make hand-painted original art more accessible. I create hand-painted work on a variety of media, from river stones to foraged wood.  I prefer to use acrylics and markers on either wood or glass. Most paintings are between one foot-to-five feet tall, and often feature contrasting colors and nature-based themes. Smaller paintings on stones, though, can be down to a half-inch tall!


I create a variety of books with my work. My primary joy is adult coloring books featuring creepy nature-based themes. I also create TTRPG-based math guides about how to do the mathematics of table top games.

Product Examples

I create a variety of different items and products featuring my artwork. From prints to headwear, pillows to zines, I love finding unique things to display my artwork. I always work with companies with eco-based practices and focuses. 


I have done a variety of projects across different media. I have been featured as a guest artists as Grand Rapids locations, created murals for ArtPrize, Lions and Rabbits Storm Drain Project, and the Grand Rapids Wealthy Street Project, and have worked on collaborative projects with other artists. Please reach out for any interest in working with me on a project.

Digital Artwork